Antrim Collection was recently born in 2021,
from our dream to further build on and
develop the award winning Antrim Villa
offering by adding a sister property

About Antrim Collection

Antrim Collection is a conscious hospitality brand that brings you, our guests and friends, a very unique intention of affordable, sustainable and ethical luxury accommodations, adding something different and positive to that family holiday, a quick business trip to town or even a solo night out for young and old.

We are not your average accommodation service provider. Putting people and pleasure at the forefront of our purpose is what sets us apart and by doing so we add value to the communities we touch and create opportunity wherever possible for those who need it. We are passionate for everything service related and have proven a multitude of international awards to show you we mean hospitality. We are even more proud of each of our team members that make your Antrim experience their priority from start to finish.

Whether you looking for a guesthouse with a difference or just want your own private apartment to breakaway to, we have the options to offer and memories to create you a lifetime of smiles and laughter.

People. Pleasure. Purpose.